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Facebook Pages

Custom Facebook Fan Pages

With Facebook becoming more and more important in today’s world, it is imperative that your company keep up with the shifting business markets, and provide Facebook users with access to your business. Most Facebook pages look nearly identical to all the rest, but here at San Francisco Web Design, we are happy to help you company take advantage of the latest and greatest that Facebook has to offer. Instead of visitors landing on your company’s Facebook wall, why not have them land on a custom page which acts as a mini website within Facebook?

Fan pages can serve as your brand’s central hub, allowing you to:

  • Offer coupons and incentives
  • Post news and events easily and regularly
  • Aggregate your content by, for example, importing your blog feed on your company’s Facebook wall
  • Promote media
  • Connect directly with fans, customers, and clients

San Francisco Web Design is happy to offer your established business, start-up, or non-profit a way to launch an effective addition to your website through a custom Facebook page.